It is the theme I am using right now.  I just have a different background.  I have been changing themes quite a lot because I want this specific font because it is easier to read.   But I also want a customizable background or header, then voila!  Duster is created.

Good thing the creator of this came up with this, I am taking this as a treat from God.  Even the smallest things, He would give us.  That’s how much He loves us.

Also, I am thankful because I thought that my electric fan is broken but my roommate gave it another go and the fan suddenly became alive 🙂

I am also thankful for Jotter Pad I found at the National Bookstore, the most popular bookstore in the Philippines.  It has many branches.  Anyway, Jotter Pad … in the office is relatively hard to find because stocks run out quickly.  I bought several pads last year and though I haven’t consumed them all yet, I saw the new stocks again this year and I decided to buy several pads again.  I bought them for two reasons:  one is that I love quality  papers!  and two,  the weight of the pad is way lighter than last year’s pad.  I know it seems petty and geeky but paper makes me happy.

Another thing, I also saw pencils in pastel colors–yellow, lavender, and PINK!!!  I can’t really let this chance pass by. 🙂  I will post pics of these cute pencils tomorrow!  🙂

Good night and God bless us all. 🙂


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