Are you living in the NOW?

A dreamer always live in the future–thinking and imagining what life will be like once the dream has come true.  Dreamer forgets to live in the present.

I guess, when we think about God, we should hope in our future together with God in heaven.  But right now, that we are alive, we have to look around us and be aware of the world.  How can we help out one another?  How can we be ambassadors of God?  Are we enjoying God’s gift to us right now?  Are we doing the best we can?  Or are we putting life on hold?  There is a lot that we can do for God.  Right now.

Lord God, may I appreciate your gift for me right now.  May I always do my best in every situation.  Thank You for making me realize that I can enjoy the present while hoping for the future.  Amen.

Are you living in the present?

6 thoughts on “Happy

  1. yan ata ang naging malaking problema ko e. I’ve always live my life one day at a time, nakakalimutan ko paghandaan ang future. Yan tuloy, wala akong ipon then, we i lost my job i dont have anything. Pero i’ve learned my lesson na. Hehehe. Iisipin ko dn nmn ang future kht unti, while living at the moment. =)

  2. balance lang siguro ang importante. hirap din pag walang dreams, minsan di mo sure kung tama ba yung kinalalagyan mo ba ngayon, gusto mo ba, or whatever. i think not having dreams and just living it one day at a time leaves more room for regrets. mahirap kasi pag hindi pinagiisipan lalo na kung future yung pinaguusapan. pag medyo late mo kasi narerealize ung mga gusto mo, minsan hindi mo na mababalikan yun eh. 🙂

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