Yearning for the Lord is contagious.  I am glad that people look forward to our weekly meetings to learn more about Lord God.

I also thank God today for the success of my activities.  The success is all for Him.  I am also in awe with the way things are turning out.  I have my emceeing duty this day–me, the monotonous, shy, chubby lady.  I am thankful to be given this opportunity.  I may be so nervous but I like this–I want to be exposed more with this job because I want to enhance my communication skills.

I have learned how to be confident with the Lord. I guess this is what it means by believing in Him.  You really are the best, Lord.

If you know that God can do anything for you, what would you ask Him?

4 thoughts on “Contagious

  1. wow, ang galing! the new things we do, it may seem out of our comfort zone at first, but He provides us with sufficient grace to do it. i was a little scared din at first when i was asked to do something i wasn’t comfortable with, but He equipped me. Basta para sa Kanya, it will never fail.

    And totoo na contagious ung yearning for the Lord. Sometimes all we really need is encouragement lang talaga. continue hanging out with your friends to keep the fire burning. 🙂

  2. Nothing – Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I would just thank him for every little blessing that He has sent my way. Be grateful, give thanks always. Praise the Lord.

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