Since it’s the love month, let me write about love.  Do we really know how to love?  Specifically, do we know how to love ourselves?

They say that if we enter into a relationship, we should be whole with ourselves first.  The lines in Jerry Mcguire is so not the way to say to someone.  “You complete me” should only be said to God and not to everyone else.  Therefore, we should first be whole by having a relationship with God because God alone can complete us.

I’ve read from a friend’s blog this equation in relationships:

1 x 1 = 1

This means that 2 whole person who enter into a relationship will create a whole relationship.

1 x 1/2 = 1/2

This means that when a complete person enter a relationship with half-complete person, the result is just half of a relationship.

1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4

This means that 2 incomplete person who enter into a relationship can only create 1/4 of the relationship.  So how do we complete ourselves with the help of God?  Here’s how according to the preachings/lesson of the pastor.

1.  Acknowledge your uniqueness.

We are all unique.  Each of us has different fingerprints, proof that we are all unique.  The mold that God used to create us is destroyed so that we wouldn’t be identical with anyone.  That means we should not be a copy of anyone.

2.  Accept your identity.

This pertains to sexes.  If you are a guy then be a man not a woman, and vice versa.  In God’s standard, there are only 2 sexes–male and female.

Also, this pertains to who we are.  I’ve mentioned in one of my reply to a comment of Suituapui, that I kinda wished to have Chinese blood so that opportunities will be plenty.  However, I realized then that I am a Filipino.  Brown skin, black hair.  I also have to accept the fact that my metabolism is slow, meaning a little heavy in weight.  I don’t have to be reed thin.  I have to accept who I am and pray that God will use everything He’s given me for me to do God’s will.

3.  Appreciate your value.

God has put a high value for each of us.  He values us so much.  Do you know how much?  So much that “Christ died for us to save us while we were still sinners” (Romans 5:18).  That’s how much He loves us.  So we must not settle for less.  Now that is easier written than done but with God’s help, it can be done.

The thing here is that we should first prioritize God.  We should build a relationship with Him.  The rest of the blessings are just bonuses.

My hope and prayer is that God blesses my relationship through marriage.  I want to be married in a church because I want God’s blessing.

Let’s all give ourselves love. 🙂