Summer is really here.  I am sweating right now, itching to take a bath.  The heat motivates me to do what I’ve been meaning to do ever since the start of the year.

This afternoon I visited Powerbooks, a popular bookstore here.  I enjoyed looking at the Bibles.  I saw this affordable New Living Translation (NLT) bible and I would have bought it but then I thought, I was still not able to read the whole bible–the bible I am using now.  I should finish it first before buying other bible.  Well that’s just my thought. 🙂

This is last year’s pic of Manila Bay.  I only have a camera phone and I wanted to capture the sunset.  That is the best I could take.  I was in Malate Church that time and when I went out, I saw that. 🙂

I love summer.  I really do. 🙂

Tomorrow, I hope to attend a yoga session and a small group meeting.


5 thoughts on “Summer

  1. mukhang summer na nga. hindi na malamig sa gabi. buti ka pa, may chance kang maka-witness ng sunset on a regular basis. puro buildings lang nakikita ko pag gabi. 😛

  2. That is a beautiful shot! I am so happy it is summer for you 🙂 I miss the warmth of summer. It is wonderful to be able to see different parts of the world visiting your blog. The picture I posed today was from Cannon Beach, Oregon. Have a great day Jassy!

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