I am sad because of what happened this day.  Two instances of fire destroying thousands of houses, 2 dead because of suffocation, what happened to my heart, and the death of Angelo Reyes, a government official/military man.

AR, according to the news, took his own life.  The Roman Catholic and the Protestant have different views regarding this.  But I think AR shouldn’t have ended his life.  He shouldn’t be selfish.  May he rest in peace.

What happened to my heart today has proven that God is the only one I can rely on.

Dear Lord God, help me, my heart is aching.  Heal my heart and help me know what to do.  Lead me to the right path and may I have the strength to do what You want me to do.  May Your will for me be my will for myself.  Thank You.

On a happy note…SUMMER IS HERE!!!  Summer is my favorite time of the year!!! 🙂  I know my body is not yet ready for summer but I love the scent of sea breeze that is around me most of the time because Manila has a Manila Bay where I can always watch the perfect sunset 🙂  But then again, I was only able to watch a great sunset ONCE. 🙂