Bullet your whole day


  • The traffic was heavy in Lipa but I got entertained by the Bollywood movie on DVD inside the bus.  The buses here have televisions so passengers will not be bored.
  • I finally got to Manila but the tricycle driver forced me to look for a change because he did not have one.
  • I rode an FX and the driver chatted with me.  We talked about chemotherapy and insulin.
  • I got to work and work.
  • I attended an activity by my officemate and became the activity’s photographer.  Most of my shots were blurred because I didn’t use the flash because I didn’t want to distract speakers and the audience.  Also, I did not know how to operate the DLSR camera.
  • I checked exam papers.
  • I attended my post-grad class.  One of the reports was about a drug that has been made into a movie–the phases and trials of that drug for cancer.
  • I met up with E to have dinner.
  • We talked about God and the teachings I’ve learned from yesterday’s preachings.
  • We also tried this new food place at the Robinson’s Place Ermita.  The food place is called CHA-a.  It is a vegetarian food place.  Thank God for this. 🙂

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