The Nuptial

You can call this fate, but they both have Lim as their surnames, their fathers are both named Jose, they are both the middle child, and as kids, they both wanted to have weird jobs when they were kids. 🙂

I never really thought that they could last this long.  But life has some surprises and it is a nice surprise.  6 years later and they are still together.  They may have some problems but they are always together.  Maybe these are what real love and committment are.  They have a cute kid who obeys them.  He may cry but when there is a camera, he would do his signature pose while still crying.  He would do the “gwapo” (handsome) pose.  The “gwapo” pose is done by stretching the thumb and the forefinger while folding the rest of the fingers and put the outstretched finger below the chin, thus, emphasizing the face–his handsome face. 🙂

So yesterday, she and he got married in Malate Church in Manila.  Malate Church is a beautiful church.  According to them, couples who were married here never separated.  Someday, I would like to have my wedding here. 🙂  My relatives came to celebrate the occasion with them.  I was even surprised to see some familiar faces from home.

The priest was also charming and friendly.  He went from seat to seat and thanked us all for going there and prayed/celebrated this special occasion with the newlyweds.  He even asked us to extend our hands to the couple in prayer and blessing.

She is so beautiful.  A girl should be beautiful on her wedding day but that’s only in the eyes of the groom.  Hehe…but at that moment, she looks beautiful.  Well maybe because she has always been beautiful.  Plus, I like her gown.  It fits her perfectly.  I seldom appreciate a gown on a woman but the gown fits her perfectly.

He, my nephew, well he has always been good-looking.  He has a haircut so he looks decent.

It is really nice that they are both crazy with each other.

The reception was held somewhere near. 🙂  The food were delicious.  I like the fish fillet and the country roast beef.  E brought his camera and became the unofficial photographer for the family.  He also looked happy which I really appreciated.  He was not that shy around my relatives anymore.

It has been a really good wedding.  I hope that they always make God the center of their family.  🙂