Pens and Headache

God has been good.  Next time I know better what to do.  I may have had a major headache more of like 6/10 that I got dizzy one time. Maybe it was because of the waxy smell in the air.  But I got through it all.  I survived and they survived.

I’m thankful because I lifted my activity today to God and He never let me down.  I was given the necessary device for the activity.  It seemed hopeless yesterday and I was still asking people to find me the device for the activity.  But this morning, I not only was able to get a device–I got two of it…well borrowed 2 of it.  Thank you God.

Chinese New Year is still in the air that was why I craved for noodles and siopao.  If I wasn’t that exhausted, I would have dragged E to Quiapo, a very interesting place in the heart of Manila, Philippines to eat at Ma Mon Luk, Ma Mon is the guy who brought mi (noodles) in the Philippines.  Their siopao is the best–it’s BIG and the man tao is not so white which I like a lot.  Eating there is like eating History, if you know what I mean. 🙂  Anyway, to fill the craving, we ate at ChowKing instead.  There we saw this really cute kid who was so nice to me first and then she saw E and her attention was on him since then.  She kept smiling at us and she was giving E straw but there was a glass wall between them.  She even kissed the glass wall hoping ( I think) to kiss E as we were leaving the place.

P.S.  This is me last Thursday as we were sitting at Burger King and E wanted to use his camera.  🙂

This is me last night trying to fill my craving for Chinese food 🙂  Wanton noodle 🙂  I’m not frowning, I’m concentrating…haha 🙂

This is me showing my appreciation of good food…people say that I am expressionless and monotonous or not smiling but can you see how I’m showing the delicious-ness of that food 🙂  The food I was eating was siopao.  🙂