Ten years from now is 2021.  I will be 39 by then.  By then, I think I will be happily married with 2 children.  We live in our own house with a garden and a swimming pool.  If I’m struggling now to keep my weight off,  that will not be a struggle for me anymore in 2021.  Who knows what 2021 will be like but if I have a hope, I hope that 10 years from now my faith in God has gone stronger and deeper and that my heart has been changed and molded just like the heart of God.

I think I will also do the 3rd challenge which is to write my views on cigarettes and alcohol.  No to cigarettes but occasional drinking of alcoholic beverages.  Yes to hard drinks, no to beer.  That is my current view but I guess reading the personal social history of patients and most of them are either smokers/occasional alcoholic beverage drinker, I think I will have to forego alcohol, too.  Yes to healthy living.  If quitting the occasional drinking is the only healthy thing I can commit to right now, then so be it.

No to alcohol and cigarette. 🙂