That is the name of the “dog” E gave me for my birthday.  Why did he give me a “dog”?  Here’s why…

People are into dogs especially dogs of different breeds.  I told E that I wanted to have my own dog.

“You want a dog?” he asked.

“Yeah, ” I answered.

“So it’s okay with you if it poops, piss anywhere and bites you?”  He asked once again.

“No”, I answered.

“Then you should just buy stuffed toy dog…”,  he said trying to be funny.

Our conversation was in “Tagalog” by the way, I just translated it in English. 🙂

For me it was just an ordinary joke time with him.  So I was surprised that on my birthday he went out with his officemate, asked me to wait for him, then handed me his gift for me. 🙂

It’s like owning a dog but is not barking, peeing and pooping :))

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