Part of my job is to train my co-workers and students.  It feels good when they appreciate the knowledge I share them and when they understand what I actually want them to understand.  Sometimes I am appreciated although there are times when they think that the added information I tell them is just a nuissance.  But today, I definitely feel appreciated. 🙂

Today is supposed to be the first day of my serious–straight “lifestyle change”, but the smell of the hot french fries was a great enticement.  I am not happy about it but my stomach is 🙂

For a few days now, I have been craving for a ramen.  There are affordable authentic Korean ramen just around the corner but given my situation wherein I can’t cook in my rented bed, I have to wait til the weekend to go home and eat whatever I want to eat because I can ask my brother to cook a ramen for me.

This is a big bowl of ramen from Kim n’ Chi, a Korean stall at the food court of Robinson’s Place Ermita, my favorite mall in the Philippines.  Hehe 🙂  Not really…it’s just that it’s the nearest mall in my office although that mall is close to my heart.  Anyway, the ramen is spicy, hot, and my craving is satisfied. 🙂

I thought that I failed to stick to my diet (there I finally typed it…), but I found hope in finding that I didn’t go beyond my allowable calorie intake for the day.  I wouldn’t lose some fats but I wouldn’t gain any also.  So it’s still okay.

The greatest lesson in diet I’ve learned so far is that we should never allow ourselves to go back to our old ways once we finally get the motivation to change our lifestyle/eating habits.  Finding motivation is hard.  It’s even harder when people around us don’t really support what we are trying to achieve.  Instead of encouragement, we get mocked just because we want to live healthier.

But I know one of these days I will finally find my motivation once again and once I find it, I will never let it go.

Speaking of motivation, I love updating my planner because I’m loving the design of my planner from Belle de Jour.  I love the quality of the paper–the texture and the colors.  BDJ also has motto or mantra to live by as you turn its pages.  It also has a habit tracker, period tracker and discount coupons.  I hope next year, it will have better paper texture the kind that I would go crazy over.  If you’re wondering, I LOVE PAPERS!

3 thoughts on “Train

  1. You’re a trainer? I used to do that too. I was a teacher but I was roped in to help the education department run in-service training courses for other teachers in other parts of the state. Also involved in all kinds of things…like the one in my post today.

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