Everyday at work, lists are essential to do all the things I need to accomplish for the day.  When I list things, I want it done right away.  But sometimes, work can be full of surprises that what I plan to accomplish for the day, may be delayed.  But it feels really nice when I get to check the boxes from the side of my lists.  This just shows that my work is not boring at all.

Speaking of lists, I’ve been reading articles about the benefit of listing down the food we eat.  I will try to do this today.  But I have no pictures of my food.


  1. Iced tea and crackers (Skyflakes)


  1. Wendy’s iced tea and egg monay

Afternoon Snack

  1. small pack of choco pretzels


  1. 1 cup of rice
  2. grilled milkfish
  3. small serving of maya-maya (fish)
  4. buko juice

I am still trying to find my motivation.  But I know deep in my heart, I am getting there.  I just have to let my body tell me that it is ready.  🙂

One thought on “Lists

  1. I suspect lists are good, but … I am not a list maker or list follower. Sometimes I think I would accomplish more if I could focus myself with lists, but, sadly, I find it hard to get past the dreaming part.

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