Ready for Christmas

Christmas will still continue no matter what.  Am I ready?  Yes!  I am even excited to attend the Christmas eve mass.  Hopefully, my family and I will attend the mass together.  Christmas is really about Jesus Christ, right?  🙂  As for the gifts, there is always a way to give a gift to someone.  Christmas eve meal?  No matter what food is on the table, if your family is complete and you are all present on Christmas eve, then your meal will always be satisfying…even if it’s just an instant noodle. 🙂

I am not proud of what I ate today–too much junk food.  However, I eat real food this morning–breakfast-all-you-can type.  The canteen cooked pork curry–curry reminds me of Indians and their food.  It reminds me of some sweet memories.

Anyway, I also had Pringles and Gatorade for lunch.  As for dinner, I had fried chicken, rice, and some more Pringles, soda, and iced tea.  Bad choices.

I am not giving up.  Tomorrow, I will choose the healthier options. 🙂



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