Since the joints on my hips are aching every now and then–a sure sign that I am getting heavier, I decided to control the portion of my food today.  I am successful so congratulate me.  Although my stomach is making noises–it’s like shouting for food, I don’t mind anyway.  I have survived being hungry before, I will survive it again now 🙂

Last Friday, I just want to share with you, that I have participated in a role play–an impromptu role play just to make our choir presentation longer.  The presentation was for the chorale contest for our office Christmas party.  I love acting but I also love singing.  But I also love dancing.  I may look timid but deep inside, I’m a star!  Haha!  Acting makes me happy.  Singing makes me happy.  Dancing makes me happy.

Anyway, moving on…right now, I am into:

1.  glasswares…just like the glasses in Greenwich, a food chain here in the Philippines for pizza and pasta,  and other wide-mouth glasses 🙂  I love juice with ice that’s why I appreciate containers that can make juice with ice all the more attractive.

2.  Asian blogs--especially those about food and fashion.  Like I've mentioned before, I love Asia.  I have always loved Asia but I only get to admit it to myself when I saw an episode of Amazing Race featuring HongKong.  Hong Kong is beautiful at night, with all the bright lights.

Asia’s culture is so diverse and colorful.  There is a lot to learn about Asia–especially when it comes to language.

3.  Pillsner glasses…same reason as number 1.  🙂  Oooh…I am excited.  I want to go home buy some ice tube and 32oz Gatorade c/o Big Gulp of 7-11 and use a Pillsner glass…nice right?!

Image from–_Pilsner-Glasses-Set-of-4.aspx


8 thoughts on “Control

  1. I hate to sound all dietitian-like, but if you are hungry, and you don’t eat, that’s not going to help you lose weight. In fact, that’s very unhealthy. Just an fyi. I think maybe you just need to watch your portions a bit more, and be careful not to eat too much when you DO eat. You know?

    I love pilsner glasses too. Especially filled with a good beer!

    • i guess my stomach is just used to eating a lot…hehe…i would have wanted to eat healthy stuff like veggies and multi grain and stuff like that but most of these are not available here and if they are, they are ladden with sodium (MSG) so it’s a predicament for me. to count calories or to eat veggies 🙂

  2. The point is to eat enough to not be hungry. Water is a good way to fill up, however … it can be pretty boring to drink a glass of water. What I found works better is to cup my hands and drink from my hands – somehow it is more satisfying that filling a glass with water.

    My hips only hurt when I am getting sick – another testament to aging. sigh.

    Love your tagline (which I just noticed): you are happy when you’re healthy
    . It is very true.

    • i tried the INTUITIVE EATING but it doesn’t work for me because I am not that disciplined yet 🙂

      Imlike drinking through cupped hand but I work in a hospital…so I think of germs…hehe…however; i find that cold water tastes better 🙂

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