Tonight I went shopping with E.  We bought this toy helicopter with remote control.  The helicopter is controlled via RC manually–meaning there is no auto-pilot function which is good if you are really into flying helicopters via RC.  We looked for cheaper rechargeable AA batteries.  One salesguy told us that one German brand will be on sale tomorrow.  We decided to just buy those batteries tomorrow.

The good thing about tonight’s activity is that we walked and walked–aerobic exercise!!!

I’m excited to go home to finally have a taste of mee goreng (fried noodle) or nasi padang (meat with coconut sauce…I think…I haven’t really tasted it but I’m guessing it’s kinda spicy which I like ).  I’m going to buy the ready to mix spices at MATAHARI tomorrow so I can take them home on saturday. 🙂

Activities done these past few weeks:

  • emceeing for an event
  • cheerleading for the sportsfest
  • judge for the patient medication counselling contest
  • tomorrow…singing for a chorale competition 🙂