Another post…well let me share with you something personal…

Something in me tells me that I can be who I want to be, too…

That all my dreams will come true…

That I will be a mother, too

A family of my own

In a place of warmth and sunshine

That I am capable of loving

More than I think I can…

That I can lovingly look at a child

And think that she’s a gift

Rather than a responsibility

Calmness instead of fear

One day…at the right time…

God will finally let me have the best for me.


Lately, I haven’t been counting calories and people are saying that I am gaining weight.  But I don’t care anymore.  I know my body and I know the safe way of losing weight.  I shouldn’t feel bad for their comments anymore.

I am glad because I find myself interested again in reading food blogs, hence, this new post.

After the holidays come summer–my most favorite time of the year.  I don’t mind the humidity–summer is always good to my heart.

Some story…I decided to stop by this store at the mall.  It is called MATAHARI where they sell Indonesian deli.  I tried their Australian cornick and it was great–so smooth–no hard parts at all.  It was a nice discovery.  Beautiful (and yummy) creations do exist. 🙂  The best part is they also sell Indian/Malaysian spices such as those used for nasi goreng, mi goreng and other “goreng” stuff. 🙂

I just love Asia.