New Leaf

Hi there!  For 6 years I have kept a blog and in those years, I have experienced a lot of bitter and sweet memories.  I have become who I am.  I can say that I have been a better person.

I am now starting this blog because I am moving on–turning a new leaf or whatever that means.  I hope this time–I am on my way to become the best that I can be.  With God’s grace–it is possible.

This blog will be mostly about my health–fitness endeavours and sometimes about diet and food.  I may also write just about anything under the universe.

To start off, I am happy to post here that it has been 2 days that I am faithfully jogging.  This morning I also started my sit-ups.  How’s that for a great start?!

Here’s to a healthy me. 🙂

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